The Irish Electrical Benevolent Association

The IEBA is a charitable organisation. Its objective is to help alleviate stress, distress, ill health, domestic financial difficulties, hardship and many other problems that can befall members of the electrical industry or their immediate families.

Contact Details

If you need to find the contact details of any committee member, please download the attached document.

Why do we require a benevolent association?

As you are very much aware, the pace of life today has accelerated dramatically. Within our industry there was no network to support people who suddenly fall ill or suffer changed circumstances.

The Irish Electrical Benevolent Association was established in 2001 to help fill that gap. Since its inception it has helped many members of the electrical industry, and their families, who have experienced difficulties with, for example, bereavement, depression, terminal illness, accidental death, specialist treatments, or retraining.

Considerable success has been achieved so far. With your help the IEBA can do a lot more – and we are not talking about raising money in this instance.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for the IEBA to be aware of such difficulties occurring countrywide. Each member of the industry needs to be an Ambassador for the association – you are out eyes and ears – so please be active, and be aware.

To bring any case of hardship or difficulty to the attention of the IEBA Committee, just pick up the phone and talk with any committee member, or put some brief details in writing. Please include the name of the person concerned and the company they worked for within the electrical industry.

All enquiries are, of course, treated in the strictest confidence.